About Kenny

Born in London UK SE17. Real name Kenny Plows.

Moved to Welwyn Garden City UK with parents Chas & Grace 1956.

Attended Peartree Junior school WGC, Howard Secondary Modern WGC, Oaklands College WGC.

Recorded “Magic Star” vocal to the instrumental “Telstar” RGM Sounds/Decca 1962

Gigged with bands 1962-1966 “Aristokats” “Tel Thorne & the Dwellers” “The Young Ones”

Married Sylvia 1966 who sadly passed away 1988   ——  Never re-married

Father of two sons Dean & Daran

One sister Jo-Anne

Rejoined the music scene 1988-1992 with “Creaking Bones later to become

“The Bones”

Reformed an old school band  “Bumps in the Night” 1994-2007

Formed a new band “3 Way Split” 2008-2014

Took the alias name Blueflame when recording cover songs whilst working with

British Gas  2004-2014                    

Ceased gigging 2014 and moved to Australia NSW.

Now enjoying retirement and home studio recording/song writing and the weather